undecided.js tutorial

what is this???

undecided.js is a command line program that runs on top of node.js

If you installed undecided.js previously you can make sure you have the latest version by typing npm update -g undecided

step 1

Check if you have Node.js installed on your system. Use spotlight search (CMD + SPACEBAR) to open an application called terminal.

In the terminal window, right after the $ sign, type
node -v then press enter.

If a number is returned that means you already have Node and you can continue to Step 2.

If nothing is returned then go to the Node.js website and install the "Recommended for Most Users" version. Installing Node.js is really easy and only takes a few minutes - it will allow you to use this program as many times as you want!

step 2

turn your computer's volume all the way up

step 3

In your terminal window, directly after the $ type
npm install -g undecided then press enter. You only have to do this once! After the program is installed you can follow steps 4 and 5 as many times as you want.

When typing commands into terminal (highlighted in white) you always have to press Enter so that the computer knows to actually run the command.

If you get some errors that say something like npm ERR! Error: EACCES you can type in sudo chown -R $USER /usr/local and press enter. Now you can try npm install -g undecided again.

If you see a huge list of names show up in your terminal window don't freak out this is just your computer installing the tiny programs it needs to run undecided.js - now you can continue to step 4.

step 4

Type undecided [number]

[number] represents the number of links that you want to include on your page. From here you can simply follow the prompts to fill out the names and urls for each of your links. Make sure that each link has http:// prepended to it!

step 5

After choosing the type of site you want and pressing enter you should receive a link to your personal undecided site in your terminal window.


don't forget to visit the homepage to see your links as well as the links of every other person who has used undecided.js

If you run into issues along the way send a message to undecidedsites[at]gmail[dot]com